A New Urban Burger

in Lifestyle, Press
September 10, 2018


When Urban Burger was acquired in 2017 the Eastman Crew was inspired and determined to build upon what was already there and add to areas where it would identify itself as the “not your average burger joint”. In order to achieve that vision  major upgrades was a must. The intent on claiming a spot on everyone’s must-go list, we tweaked the menu, gutted the inside and adjusted the vibe.


Enter the new Eastman Crew, we’ll call our humble beginnings. We noticed that we were not maximizing the space and allowing both our customers and staff to function at ease. Most importantly the space needed to represent the vibe we envisioned.  A vibe that represents our customer, our culture an atmosphere of engagement and positive energy. 


We began the transformation of Urban Burger so that it reflected our menu and personality. We merged some of the old with a lot of new. We needed all the right textures and colors for the Urban Burger brand. We opened up the space by raising the ceilings and freeing our beloved brick wall. We handpicked the decor that  combined who we are and what influenced us in the process. 


And this is where we landed, for now. 😉


Stay tuned for food-inspired artwork, bathroom art, an epic neon light, outdoor signage, and new merch.

Now we’ve got a unique menu, fun vibe, great music, and….. just come see the rest for yourself.